Coming from the perspective of a Corrections Officer, Martial arts training has been invaluable. Having a continuing education in self defense and hand to hand combat,  gives me confidence in knowing that I have the ability to defend myself and those I care about. As a parent, I’ve been able to see how martial arts has helped my kids to build confidence, respect, discipline and focus that carries over into all aspects of life.In the dojo the kids are encouraged to be the best they can be, not only in class, but at home and school as well. Master Dixon is an expert on teaching and mentoring kids through Karate. He and his team are professionals and their commitment to building positive life lessons into their teaching are invaluable.  Each belt level achieved, whether it be a white belt or a black belt, is a symbol for all the effort given, dedication demonstrated and achievement gained.As well as, lessons about stranger danger and how to manage uncertain situations are tailored to the particular developmental level of the children and are reinforced in the martial arts training through the years. The kids are encouraged to set higher standards for themselves, and are taught how to set goals and strive to reach them. Also, they  feel a real sense of accomplishment, and develop self worth, self respect and self esteem in the process. Karate is an individual effort experienced in a team setting. As a Dad I’ve  witnessed what Karate has done for my kids, and I truly value the commitment the Back Mountain Martial arts studio has  shown to us. Sincerely, - Rick and Jen Blaine

The UFAA has been instrumental in helping our son learn greater patience and skills in physical self-control. The community at UFAA is very welcoming and inclusive - our entire family enjoys the events and our time together at the doj

Melody Priebe

To Master Richard Dixon & Sensei May,

"How can what you shared NOT help parents 'get more from their children, generate higher levels of personal development, and make a bigger impact in their lives,' Master Richard & Sensei?"

"...what you so unselfishly shared with Jessica gave me results I wanted to see within the first week and was so easy for Jessica to fall in love with. Your out of the norm of every martial arts studio I've witnessed.  Anyone serious about growing respect within their child would be an absolute fool to pass up the opportunity to utilize this training that gains a much deeper respect within their child.

I have watched how Jessica has grown to not only learn her martial art, ready to go to class, and wants to stay late but have seen her school grades improve because of it.

It's really magical how you run your training and how receptive the children, and adult students honor you. I know you can shout from rooftops on how great you are, because nobody will believe you if you say it yourself. 

But someone else - me - not you - can barely whisper a few good words about you and it will make all the difference giving you instant credibility and authority which you both so much deserve.

I hope everyone who reads this unsolicited testimonial from me about my daughter come to see you personally and has there child or themselves meet you and see what I am talking about for themselves

All The Best,

Jessica's Dad

Richard Parry

Founder & CEO

All American Business Services Inc.

I joined the organization along with my son 2 years ago. We searched for several schools and found Master Dixon’s to be the best fit for us. We are both very happy with our choice. Master Dixon and his staff have a wealth of knowledge to share. They are very encouraging and work one on one with us. Master Dixon teaches several disciplines and we appreciate the chance to learn more than one art. It is obvious that Master Dixon loves what he is doing and that filters down to his students. Greg Sorber

UFAA/ Back Mountain Martial Arts is simply the best. My 5 year old son has grown so much since joining. He has gained self confidence, is learning the meaning of dedication and is so proud when he accomplishments. I know what he is learning now will help him in so many ways as he figures out his place in the world. Thank you UFAA!  Amy Pembleton

"I am grateful to be given the opportunity to write a testimonial for Master Dixon and the Unified Fighting Arts Association. My daughter started at the Dallas dojo almost a year ago and she has grown stronger both physically and mentally. She has a drive and determination to accomplish the goals she has set for herself, due to the confidence she has gained through the UFA-A. Master Dixon, Miss May and all the Sensei’s show a great deal of respect for their students, each other and the parents. They have such a positive approach in their teachings, it reflects in all their students. The student instructors have also been terrific; they are patient and kind to the younger students. When I signed my daughter up for karate, I did not realize how much I was going to learn and grow as well. I have to say a grateful Thank you to Master Dixon, Miss May and all the Sensei’s for being there when we needed them, truly an extended family."
Yours truly, Kathleen London

"We feel very blessed having our son involved in Back Mountain Martial Arts (UFAA).  Vincent loves going to class.  The focus he has for 1 full hour is truly amazing at his age.  Master Richard Dixon and all his teachers are wonderful beyond words with children.  We want to say Thank You all for being a positive protective role models for our son and all the children.  Keep up the great work.  We appreciate you."  Alice & Neal Colatosti

"It is truly an honor to write a recommendation for Sensei Richard Dixon. I have known Sensei Dixon for 27 years and have worked directly with him on a variety of leadership, education, music, martial arts, athletic, and community development projects. He is multi-talented, driven, focused, and committed to excellence in his work. His values and dedication to teaching students of all ages are of the highest caliber. Sensei Dixon works tirelessly to educate and enhance the lives of his students. To learn from Sensei Dixon is to learn from a true legend, from a man who's beliefs are rarely found in today's society. Sensei Dixon is widely re-knowned and respected for his tremendous achievements. He is a hero.  The quality of altruism is what it means to be selfless; to give in order to create a stronger and more enriched community. As an international-award winning researcher on the topic of leadership, I look to Sensei Dixon for inspiration. He is a role model of what all leaders should be." David Gliddon, Ph.D.

"I wanted to show my daughter, Olivia, the importance of protecting herself in today’s world. She joined at the age of five, and I followed a while later. We were new to the area and being part of the dojo has given us many wonderful friends and family. For me, it is so much a part of my life; I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I am confident, physically fit and am both mentally and physically strong. Sensei Rich gives his heart to teaching everyone, which makes us feel valued in our training. He really goes out of his way to make sure that you are happy and will do anything he can to help you achieve your goals. My daughter loves him and looks forward to his classes all of the time."  May Goebel

"My son is 4 years old & has been in the lil sidekicks class for almost a year. I think karate is the perfect activity, especially for young children....the class provides my son an opportunity to use up some of his endless energy, and he is learning about self-control & self-discipline at the same time.  Karate provides him with an environment that helps to build his self-esteem, but also helps him to learn how to be a good sport. His instructor is very good with engaging the children, and is a very positive influence & role model for them. I highly recommend Back Mountain Martial Arts."   Danielle Bennett

"Master Dixon is not content to rest upon his laurels. He continually seeks out the deeper meanings of the martial arts and desires to share it with his students.  There are many opportunities available for students to compete, learn and grow. It would be difficult for any one student to utilize all that is available for them."  David Obaza

"I have studied under Master Dixon for over five years. In this time, I have seen him demonstrate unbelievable selflessness and generosity toward everyone he encounters. He is truly a great man and I am proud to be called his student. His dedication to his art, organization, and all the people under him is incredible."
Daniel Siblini

"Hello. My name is Brian Healey and my son, Shane, expressed interest in the martial arts when he was four years old. After researching our options in the area, my wife and I happily decided upon Sensei Rich's dojo.

First of all, let me state that I am a believer in the martial arts if one has the right teacher. There are too many martial arts instructors operating today that will teach you how to fight, but not many will teach you why or when to fight. And that is the difference that sets Master Dixon apart from the rest. Master Dixon teaches his students the subtleties of martial arts philosophy and the importance of the word honor.

I have watched my son achieve confidence and self-discipline over the two years that I have known Sensei Rich. More importantly, I have watched my son grow intellectually and morally strong as well as physically strong.
"  Brian P. Healey

“My two children and I have been studying under Master Richard Dixon for the past few years and I am amazed at how much we have learned so far from his vast knowledge of the Martial Arts.  I have enjoyed working with him as an assistant instructor and watching his school grow rapidly.  We all work together as a well-oiled family friendly company to make it successful, which couldn’t happen without the leadership of Master Dixon.  I have yet to see anyone who truly has the passion that he does in making sure everything is learned and not just taught.  You don’t need to see the many certifications that Master Dixon has earned over the years, to know how qualified an instructor he is.  Experience his teachings; watch his students giving him the respect he deserves; and the knowledge they have learned to make them better people.  Master Dixon is a highly trained, well-respected and honored instructor and an empowering person”   Jackie Soper

"It is an honor for us to give a recommendation for Master Dixon. He has been our daughter’s, Shelby, karate instructor for several years now. He has much passion for what he does, and it shows through his devotion to the art, not just physically but emotionally, and also through his interactions with his students, and striving for them to always achieve their very best. He teaches his students practical self-defense lessons, and focuses on good discipline, respect and developing self-confidence. He is a magnificent teacher who possesses much knowledge, wisdom, skill & experience in the martial arts field."   Anne & Kelly Traver