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Martial arts training isn't just about knowing how to's about gaining knowledge and understanding. We are always presented with challenges throughout life. Martial arts teaches us how to face and overcome these challenges with calm wisdom, determination and self control. Knowledge in self protection is great to have and very helpful, but the most common opponent we face everyday, is the one within.

Our young people today are all too commonly stricken by the affliction of a sedentary lifestyle. Martial arts training is one out of many positive outlets in which young people can develop a solid foundation which can enrich their lives far into adulthood.

Unified Fighting Arts Association was founded by Master Richard Dixon and his most dedicated Black Belt students. Having a strong desire to seek improvement, they formed an organization which is all about the success of each student through an improved and diverse offering of training concepts and methods.   We teach karate, kempo, jiu jutsu, aiki jutsu, kenjutsu, women self defense, special needs.

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