Master Richard "Marui Neko" Dixon

Master Richard Dixon has been a student of the Martial Arts for the past 30 years. During his years of training he has had the opportunity to train with a great many Martial artist of both traditional and modern influence.

In the August of 2000 Master Dixon became an owner of Sembach Martial Arts where he earned his original black belts in Nobushi Jutsu and FudoShin Kai Karate. In 2002 Master Dixon was made the Chief Instructor of the FudoShin Kai Karate Union and opened Mountain Top Martial Arts.

In 2006 Master Dixon opened the Back Mountain Martial Arts Dojo, where he trains in addition to his training in Mountain Top. He also teaches martial arts classes at Misericordia University.

In April of 2008 Master Dixon was given permission to found his own system the Unified Fighting Arts Association, and the Unified Fighting Arts Federation.

The integral figures and influences in the U.F.A.A. and U.F.A.F. promotion are Grand Master James Martin Sr., Grand Master Steven Newman, Master John Casterline, Grand Master Patty Martin, Great Grandmaster Manuel Agrella, Master Joe Huntzinger, Dr. Jim Thomas.
ROKU DAN NO'BUSHI JUTSU SAN DAN AIKI JUTSU 4TH DEGREE BLACKBELT AMERICAN KENPOPennsylvania Representative for the Tong Leong Gwo Shuh Goan International AssociationInductee into the Legends Hall of Fame "Self Defense Instructor of the Year"
Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as:
Karate instructor of the year 2006
System of the year 2007
System Founder of the year 2014

Sensei May "Tomoe Gozen" Goebel Dixon

Sensei May Goebel began her martial arts training shortly after taking a Women Self Defense course with Master Dixon.  She loved it so much that she decided to start taking regular martial arts classes.  In 2010 she was introduced to Kenjutsu, the art of the sword, and that became her passion.  She earned her Kenjutsu Shodan in 2013.  She then continue to train and earn her Kobojutsu and No'bushi Jutsu later in 2013


Member Unified Fighting Arts Association

Member Unified Fighting Arts Federation

Nidan UFAA Kenjutsu

Nidan Kobojutsu
Nidan No'bushi Jutsu