Richie Blaine, Eric Pimm & Amy Pimm were promoted to Yellow Belt.  Congratulations!!!!
Olivia Goebel was promoted to Green Belt.  Congratulations!!!!
Jeremy Zolner and Karla Goebel were promoted to Blue Belt.  Congratulations!!!!
Klay Zimmerman was promoted to Yellow Belt.  Congratulations!!!
David & Greg Sorber were promoted to Green Belt.  Congratulations!!!!
Matthew Adler was promoted to Orange Belt.  Congratulations!!!
Anna Dixon was promoted to Blue Belt.  Congratulations!!!!
Ethan Olszyk and Kayla Pegarella were promoted to Orange Belt.  Congratulations!!!!
Senpai Angel Klemunes was promoted to Purple Belt.  Congratulations!!!!
promoted to white with orange stripe.  Congratulations to our Lil' Sidekicks.

USA National Karate Championships Friday, May 17 - Saturday, May 18 at Split Rock
Congratulations to everyone who participated in the USA National Karate Championship.

Team Phoenix (Nick Moshey, Jeremy Zolner, Tyler Yang, Karla Goebel, Olivia Goebel, Maddie Olshemski, Kurtis Ryniec, Angel Klemunes)- 2nd Place
Nick Moshey - 1st Breaking, 3rd Sparring
Tyler Yang - 2nd Sparring
Klay Zimmerman - 2nd Breaking
Jeremy Zolner - 1st Breaking & Weapons, 2nd Traditional Forms
Morgan Machakitus - 4th Traditional Forms
Brianna London - 4th Traditional Forms
Karla Goebel - 1st Open Forms
Olivia Goebel - 3rd Open Form, 4th Weapons
Maddie Olshemski - 2nd Breaking
Angle Klemunes - 1st Sparring
DJ Thomas - 1st Breaking
Ryoshi Sensei - 1st Traditional Forms
Akuma Bara Sensei - 1st Breaking